neonIdox Transport is a dynamic, vibrant company developing innovative and creative products tailored to the requirements of both Traffic Managers, Emergency Planners and the Travelling Public.

Idox Transport are committed to minimising the environmental impact of travel whilst enabling the unhindered movement of people necessary for a revitalising economy. We aim to revolutionise the way data and information are accessed through the open provision of information to the widest possible audience in the format, style and content most suited to their needs.

Multiple disparate data sources already exist to describe the state of the transport network. Combined into a single source, the Idox Transport UTMC Common Database, Argonaut, with the appropriate means of correlation, interrogation, intervention and dissemination, Idox Transport believe that this data source provides an extremely powerful means to help improve management of traffic on the road network.

wiresIdox Transport products enable Traffic Managers to model, monitor and control the environmental effects of travel as well as reducing congestion to maximise the use of a limited road network. From this same data source Idox Transport provide our Voyager products and services relating to accidents, roadworks, congestion, air quality and the state of the road network in general to empower road users to make informed travel decisions to avoid congestion hotspots.

The Idox Transport carbon calculator allows drivers to assess the size of the carbon footprint for their journey by car and compare this with an alternative footprint for using public transport. With innovative home, desktop and mobile delivery methods in addition to satellite navigation and digital interactive television services, Idox Transport deliver quality products powered by ground breaking applications of technology.

watchAdditionally, the Idox Transport experience in technically complex and demanding environments brings us to this new market with fresh and innovative ideas.  Providing a new approach and delivering new value in to critical systems.

The Idox Transport Echo products are specifically designed to address the particular requirements of Emergency Services in delivering fast efficient services when required, where required - major incidents.

Idox Transport offer a software solution which takes the complete requirement and tailors it to your specific needs.  We pride ourselves on a consultative approach.  Idox Transport have a complete suite of software products, however where appropriate we will take legacy systems and incorporate them into the new solution delivering the best possible value and service for your Emergency Planning requirements.

Idox Transport's core belief in the availability of information to each, according to their need, the democratisation of information guarantees a user focused approach to design work which ensures that the enhanced data provided by highly sophisticated modelling and interrogative software can be easily reached via simple user friendly front ends.

If you are interested in how we have successfully delivered many enterprise ITS systems in the past, the technology we use, UTMC compliance, how our approach is different to the rest of the crowd, which partners help us deliver and how our systems are compatible with all industry data exchange standards then simply follow the appropriate link.