03 April 2015

Idox Transport has been consistently developing mission critical traffic management applications. The solutions conceptualised and developed in accordance with different road network authorities enable Idox Transport to address critical road network challenges. To further strengthen its foothold, Idox Transport announced the launch of WhiteBoard, an ergonomic collaboration tool.

Idox Transport's new offering will enable road network management authorities to realise the benefits of real-time collaboration on the ever-challenging road circuits.

WhiteBoard's capabilities provide a virtual collaboration environment where ideas, views, opinions and feedbacks can be received and acted upon without fuss.

WhiteBoard lays the principles for efficient team work, quick communication and prompt reaction to varying traffic situations. This eliminates the potential threats erupting due to lack of real-time collaboration within local and geographically distinct traffic control authorities.

Premier functionalities such as create task, assign task, set reminders, comment in real time, filter options and setting priorities arm authorities to collaborate on complicated scenarios with minimum hassles.

Benefits of using WhiteBoard:

  •  Eliminates the need to use email as the primary medium of communication with team members
  • Team members can quickly share experiences for prompt contribution when necessary
  • Streamlines the many activitites being performed across diverse geographies
  • Helps authorities to react in real time on different traffic situations
  • Maximises the effectiveness and use of existing traffic management infrastructure
  • Triggers traffic optimisation scenarios by offering a centralised control structure
  • Anyone registered on Argonaut can add to the WhiteBoard enabling all entries to be visible to everyone.

WhiteBoard is a vital measure when it comes to achieving cross boundary strategic control.

To find out more about WhiteBoard, its capabilities and benefits, Download PDF. 

For more information or to arrange a demonstration,

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