10 April 2015

Idox Transport continues its commitment to eliminate data availability challenges by making critical travel and transport information available when it matters. In a recent announcement Idox Transport launched its Data Broker which is a highly sophisticated data exchange solution.

Data Broker, based on the Datex II standard, is a reliable data hub that allows uninterrupted information exchange between disparate systems, deployed across diverse geographies. It works with the broadest possible range of data formats such as RTIG, SIRI, VDV, etc.

Data Broker enables numerous connections between real time information systems through a single collective data hub. It negates the need for endless expensive server to server connections and seamlessly transfers data from one format to another.

Data Broker relies on the principle of ‘Request and Response' to fulfil the data requirements of traffic management centres, traffic information centres, service providers, traffic operators, media partners and other agencies.

Key benefits

• No need for endless expensive server to server connections

• Centralised data repository to receive and request data

• Service reliability ensured as data is automatically received from and disseminated to numerous 3rd parties

• Guaranteed lower capital and maintenance

• No need of endless single system connections

• Wider market and product set for available purchase

Some of the inherent features that make Data Broker one of the most reliable data exchange solution are:

• Single interface for traffic and public transport

• Easily integrates, XML web service interface

• Supports two-way data transfer

• Integrates with over 30 different data sources throughout England and Wales

• Fully integrates with all other UTMC system providers

• Supports UTMC, Datex II, Freeflow, RTIG, VDV, CEN SIRI Journey Web & more

• Publish and subscribe supported

• Request and response supported

• Adheres to UK & European standards

• Integrates with NaPTAN, NPTEG & other associated UK standards

• Integrates with displays, kiosks, SMS, Traveline and many other systems

Data Broker is one of the most cost effective solutions from Idox Transport.

To find out more about Data Broker, its capabilities and benefits, Download PDF. 

For more information or to arrange a demonstration,

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