21 April 2015

Idox Transport, a leading traffic management solutions provider, recently launched Strategy Manager. Strategy Manager helps to pre-define strategies and triggers to automatically initiate actions when a set of conditions are met.

Strategy Manager inherently integrates with existing traffic management infrastructure, thus eliminating the cost of bespoke integration. It is easily operated without having any prior programming technical knowledge or expertise.

With the help of Strategy Manager, a user can create unlimited strategies and triggers in different domains and validate object behaviour to take actions based on the object's state. For example: Strategy Manager can be used in the Icarus system to trigger alerts by ‘System Events', or can be used in the Juno system to grant or deny a TSP request by enabling operators to pre-define the early and late parameters and send Email / SMS notifications to the concerned stakeholders.

The components of strategies such as objects, actions or entire strategies are reusable meaning that the user may simply drag & drop the previously created objects from the toolbar without recreating them.

Strategy Manager has a multitude of features that helps to improve the incident response time, optimises traffic flow and proactively manage traffic conditions. In addition, it helps to manage fleets, parking, broadcast real time traffic information, and more. 

Strategy Manager allows the user to:

  • Set strategic plans based on all the data within the database
  • Test strategies before deploying them live
  • Automatically trigger alerts (Email, SMS, etc.,)for faults reported above a certain level 
  • Implement any number of commands to any or many sub systems based on one or many conditions 
  • Choose any number of days and time periods for a strategy to be applicable 
  • Select strategies to view version history and logs created to provide full-audit trial 
  • Easily troubleshoot live issues
  • Maintain strategy versions to view and revert to the previous version 
  • Log all activities to trace strategies for any unwanted scenarios 
  • Handle a large number of requests from different domains 
  • Simply drag and drop objects, events and actions on the main screen 
  • Create multiple rules and rate them

All of this functionality enables Strategy Manager to control traffic and to handle a wide range of strategies centrally as well as optimise the road network.

To find out more about Strategy Manager, Download PDF.

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