30 April 2015

Idox Transport continues its commitment to develop innovative traffic management solutions to improve traffic management operations. The solutions developed by Idox Transport are doing what they are best at - optimise road network - deployed in over 40 authorities in UK and overseas.

To share its success with all the stakeholders, and seek valuable inputs for sustainable growth, Idox Transport releases a monthly newsletter with key market, products and business insights. 

The April newsletter highlights new contracts awarded to Idox Transport, which further adds to its ever-increasing list of clienteles. Also, there are existing customers seeking extensions in services and new products.

Juno, Icarus and Voyager have been updated with minor bug fixes and functional enhancements.

Idox Transport also announced the launch of its two much-anticipated solutions: Route Closure & Diversion and WhiteBoard.

Let's have a quick look at the highlights of the April insider.

Contracts awarded

1 - "East Sussex to use Idox Transport's RTI DataBroker to disseminate real time data"

2 - "RBWM to host Argonaut UTMC system with Idox Transport"

3 - "Northamptonshire order Police incidents adaptor, BlueTooth detectors adaptor and reports package"

New solutions launched


WhiteBoard is a virtual platform that addresses the collaboration needs of traffic management authorities. It facilitates teamwork within an authority and across authorities to enable cross boundary strategic control. WhiteBoard helps to lay down ideas and action plans for efficient team work, quick communication and prompt reaction to varying traffic situations with minimum hassles.

Route Closure and Diversion

Route Closure and Diversion solution helps to overcome temporary traffic management challenges and offers strategic control. It is a single source for planning, creating, managing and publishing route closure and diversion information. It deeply integrates with Icarus and Voyager which helps to efficiently manage and annotate temporary traffic arrangements to travellers, public transport operators, emergency services, etc.

Products updated and released


Juno released for Cheshire East. 


• One bug fixed

• One enhancement

Voyager updated for:

• Hertfordshire

• Bracknell

• Traffic-Wales

• Oxfordshire

• Cheshire East

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To stay abreast with what's happening in Idox Transport and how the company plans to iron-out road network management challenges, please contact:

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