14 May 2015

Idox Transport has been making headlines in different counties for addressing the traffic management challenges with its innovative technology solutions. With a strong focus to simplify traffic management and enable quick and informative decision making, Idox Transport has been closely working with different authorities.

During April, Idox Transport has been awarded with several new contracts and renewal. Also, the operations team successfully SAT'd several products in different counties.

Idox Transport also released new solutions and updated its existing product range to improve the functionality and quality.

Following are highlights of the newsletter.

New Contracts - Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead to host their UTMC system including car park   guidance with Idox Transport. - Torbay & Devon to integrate QR reader within the Idox Transport supplied mobile app. - East Sussex joins Idox Transport's Data Broker consortium - Northamptonshire to integrate direct feed of police incidents in to Argonaut and also add BlueTooth detectors reporting package. - Worcestershire to integrate Bluetooth detectors in to their Argonaut UTMC system.

SATs - East Sussex - RTI link to Traveline delivered - Suffolk - Carters Buses added to the RTI scheme - Cumbria - Argonaut delivered - Bracknell Forest - RTI QR codes delivered - Bristol - Car park interfaces delivered - Oxfordshire New generation solar powered RTI sign delivered

New Solutions Launched

Data Broker Data Broker, based on the Datex II standard, is a reliable data hub that allows uninterrupted information exchange between disparate systems deployed across diverse geographies. It works with the broadest possible range of data formats such as RTIG, SIRI, VDV, etc.

Strategy Manager Strategy Manager empowers a user to create unlimited strategies and triggers to manage disrupting traffic volumes, large numbers of vehicles and travellers whilst support broader economic, environmental goals.

Products updated and released

Voyager Bracknell - Bracknell RTI now scaled for mobile view with an option to switch between the mobile and desktop view (the option is only available on mobile not on desktops) - Google analytics deployed to check traffic - Single line showing stops for multiple service bug has been fixed - Now for every stop a URL is generated that if published as a QR code can be scanned by the traveller to get the departure time of the service for the next 90 minutes

Oxfordshire - Car park view on the map enhanced - Diversion root visibility improved

Hertfordshire - Elgin map embedded on the Menu page with an option of view the map in full screen.

Apollo - A comment button added - Oxfordshire Apollo now will create SLA report

Juno - Juno - UG405 end point released for Southampton

For more details about the recent developments and activities in Idox Transport, Download the Newsletter.

For queries on products, enhancements or features, please contact: Richard Thurbin, Product Director, Mobile: +44 (0) 7917 704 145