18 May 2015

Idox Transport has been designing innovative travel and traffic management solutions targeted to overcome key network management and information accessibility challenges. In a recent announcement, Idox Transport introduced the Skips and Scaffolding solution to automate the process of obtaining a licence online and at the same time, enable highway authorities to centrally manage all requests.

The Skips and Scaffolding solution provides a fully automated electronic application and registration process whereby all requests and notifications are handled through the authority's public facing website, including form filling and hard copy pdf confirmation. In addition, a map display of Skips, Scaffolding & other Highway Act licences are made available which greatly enhances licence enforcement particularly when a mobile device is used on streets.

The Skips and Scaffolding solution will help organisations to apply for permission for placing any temporary structure on the highway that includes skips, scaffolding, building materials, site offices (e.g. portakabins), tables and chairs on the street outside premises, etc.

The solution also alerts traffic managers if an application clashes with an existing planned street work, diversion route, etc. so that conflicts can be avoided.

Optionally, Idox Transport also provides a link to an existing centralised payment systems so that fees may be paid as a part of the application process. Idox Transport can also provide an online form that will guide users through the application process in an intuitive manner.

Benefits of the Skips and Scaffolding solution to the Highway Authorities: 

  • Easily view and process forms online 
  • Centrally manage all the requests 
  • Track reasons for rejections 
  • Improve license processing and service 
  • Increase response rates 
  • Manage application clashes 
  • Automatic form submission only after mandate data validation 
  • Data (personal and payment) protected by HTTPS security

Companies submit their applications via Voyager, which is skinned to look and feel like the corporate website. Each application receives a unique reference number and password. The password allows a user to login and edit/resubmit their application if it has been rejected for any reason.

All the applications are submitted to a group email address such as say Skips&This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. which goes to a relevant team for quick processing.

The introduction of Skips and Scaffolding solution will greatly help highway authorities to keep a track of requests and process them faster more conveniently and efficiently.

To find out more about the Skips and Scaffolding solution, Download PDF.

For queries on the Skips and Scaffolding solution, please contact: Richard Thurbin, Product Director, Mobile: +44 (0) 7917 704 145