Idox Transport's core technology is utilised in a number of different products and services. The flexible and robust architecture can easily be configured and adapted to fit almost any decision making and information publishing business process.

icarus Argonaut motorway gantry sign in winter

Argonaut is the number one choice and market leader for UTMC command and control systems across the whole of England and Wales. Argonaut enables Traffic Managers to model, monitor and control the environmental effects of travel as well as reducing congestion to maximise the use of a limited road network, all using UTMC, RTIG, SIRI and other recognised industry protocols.


icarus Next stop 2

Icarus delivers next generation passenger information and fleet management to the public transport market. Building on our considerable data set and experience within the market place, we are uniquely placed to offer best value open systems for the 21st century.


Juno Transparent traffic signals

Juno is an adaptive control platform for real time traffic signals that allows operators of the scheme to monitor, manage and set strategies in line with their requirements. It facilitates the implementation of 3rd party and bespoke algorithms in real time to curb the growing congestion problems having a wider impact on road users and the economy.


icarus Voyage bangkok city

Voyager provides a whole series of dissemination output channels for transportation information. Built using the latest Microsoft technology, the Voyager outputs have been designed to make accessing using, reading and surfing as simple and easy as possible. The current dissemination channels available include web, mobile and SMS (included) and optional further outputs on DiTV, mp3 download, kiosks, broadcast screens and links to satellite navigation systems.