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The Idox Transport Voyager product provides a whole series of dissemination output channels for transportation information. Built using the latest Microsoft technology, the Voyager outputs have been designed to make accessing using, reading and surfing as simple and easy as possible.  The current dissemination channels available include web, mobile and SMS (included) and optional further outputs on DiTV, mp3 download, kiosks, broadcast screens and links to satellite navigation systems.

Web & Mobile

The Idox Transport Voyager web & mobile service allows travel information to be viewed in a highly user friendly format.  Users can interrogate the website to plan their journeys before setting off. The information is provided a combination of graphical and text information, which will enable users easily to obtain the information they seek.

Voyager can be customised by using standards compliant presentation layers due to them being web based and driven using XHTML. If you are using XHTML this allows you to 'skin' a site or application and give it a unique look and feel without effecting the core application. In addition to the skin, the wizard pages are all driven using XML configuration files. This allows the configuration of text, layout and order of the information presented by the use of a series of files. The files themselves are quite complicated to set up but once complete, will remain the same for the lifetime of the page.

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Car & Bus Route Checker

On Voyager a user may draw on the map the corridors they would like to be monitored and the system will use whatever information it has available based on all of the data sources available. The processed data may be presented textually in tables and in map format where journey times are depicted as line overlays on the road network. Voyager will then inform the user if there are any issues which are likely to effect that route as well as the journey times.  Information effecting bus routes can also be requested. A calendar function allows a user to specify time of day, day of week, service, time window and arrivals or departures. A user may then configure email and text alerts through Eastern Voyager should there be any issues with their proposed journey. See Yorkshire Voyager and Bedfordshire Voyager for this feature in action.

Email, SMS & MMS Alerts

Idox Transport has developed next generation of Alerts engine. Using the same alerts engine as the Argonaut strategy manager, users are able to register for SMS and email alerts. The alerts can be based on accident, incidents, road speeds and all manor of transport information with the user setting their own preferences for alert time and mechanism used.  As this alerts engine is based on the Argonaut alerts engine, the functionality and significant development time spent on the engine is shared across both platforms. This means both the Argonaut and Voyager products benefit from investment in to each others software. See Yorkshire Voyager and Bedfordshire Voyager for this feature in action.

RSS Feeds

RSS is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated content such as blog entries, news headlines, and podcasts.[2] An RSS document contains either a summary of content from an associated web site or the full text. RSS makes it possible for people to keep up with web sites in an automated manner that can be piped into special programs or filtered displays.

Idox Transport can provide an RSS feed that will allow users to subscribe to the data in any Common Database.

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Fault Reporting / NI14

The Idox Transport Voyager Web Portal acts a public facing output to the existing UTMC system as well as other Transport databases and feeds. The system includes data such as the NaPTAN references for bus stops.

For the web, Idox Transport have developed a package which allows to report a wide series of faults and issues relating to the highways network such as pot holes, footway obstructions, lamp failures, signal faults and bus stop vandalism. Others may be added if required. There is no limit to the number of fault types that can be reported and this is completely configurable.


Idox Transport can provide a simple and user friendly DigiTV service for the users of interactive televisions.

Broadcast Screens

Using the same technology as the web site, Idox Transport can provide information to users over broadcast screens in such locations as the Grafton Centre. This will show the latest information regarding traffic and travel information available to users in a simple and convenient format.

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Idox Transport is working with City Space and other manufacturers to adapt and change their existing product to integrate with other traffic information. The pages will be designed and work in a simple to understand way to allow the greatest level of accessibility and ease of use.

We are helping the public in over 10 areas, including

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