• Work from control room, office or from home
  • Work on the move whilst on site
  • No complicated client software to install, configure and support
  • No lengthy specialised training or enormous unintelligible user manuals
  • Fully secure
  • Provides full strategic overview
  • Full web capability
  • Mobile and PDA capability
  • Bank level security
  • Suitable for control tools
  • Available through any internet terminal
  • Concurrent user licensed
  • Built in archiving and filtering
  • Simple wizard based approach
  • No code needs to be written

Argonaut's Common Database is a UTMC compliant database which provides an open standard data store to collect and disseminate traffic and transport information from existing UTC sub systems. It also provides Traffic Managers with the ability to develop better, integrated traffic and transport control strategies in line with current national and local transport policies.

Argonaut home page:

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The Argonaut CDB is fully compliant with the standards defined in TS004.001:2005, the UTMC Objects Registry (UTMC V2). It supports a full application server layer compliant with TS003:2005, the Framework Technical Specification, to integrate legacy and new UTMC applications from more than one manufacturer. All of the primary objects, quality, data sources, faults, commands and other supporting objects are also online and functional within the system.

All of the existing systems may be integrated using the published UTMC standards and protocols. Whether a CORBA or SNMP connection is used, the system is fully compliant to the standard and has already implemented all of the data objects.

Traffic signals page:

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Argonaut uses sophisticated modern web technologies to deliver the system, it will allow users (subject to security arrangements) to connect into the system from any internet terminal. Effectively, if given sufficient privileges, an Operator could look at the network from his sofa on his smartphone or tablet on Christmas Day without needing to come in to the control room.

Status report page:

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Idox Transport does not restrict the amount of users that can access the system. Users are not constrained by installing applications, licences or even the type of operating system used. The infrastructure provided will usually support up to 200 concurrent users, beyond that, the issue becomes one of hardware capacity.

Idox Transport has extensive experience working with existing and new suppliers to interface different data sources into one system.

Download the 2 page Argonaut Product Specification in pdf format.