• Emphasis of general places of interest and attractions
  • Emphasis of transport destinations or interchanges
  • Emphasis of ticket purchasing points, cash machines, petrol stations, service areas, bike racks and other transport related places of interest
  • Emphasis of allowed routes and possibilities
  • Emphasis of disruption information and alternatives based on future or predicted data
  • Overlaying journey instructions and other directional information
  • Showing journey time accessibility
  • Representation of smog, areas of pollution, rain, ice, snow and other wide area related information
  • De-emphasis of other irrelevant information
  • Full integration with corporate GIS systems
  • Print out maps - show times of day the pollution, congestion / roadworks
  • Gritting routes
  • Pollen Count coloured maps
  • Cycle and ramblers maps
  • Low bridges, Accessibility routes, walking routes, dodgy paths at night
  • Freight information to include low bridges and narrow roads
Technical Specification
  • 100% integrated & hosted solution
  • Local deployments available
  • W3C XHTML and WAI AA complaint

Download the 2 page Product Specification in pdf format.

Idox Transport aims to provide the most understandable and most relevant traffic and transport map available on the market. Idox Transport user-tailored maps will display only the features that are relevant to the user and easily integrates in to all existing GIS systems.

Example of gritting routes:

dynamicmaps3 499x405

Only features relevant to the user will be displayed. For example rather than showing train tracks, cycle paths and other information to car users, they are more interested in road works and other issues that are likely to disrupt their journey. Similarly a heavy goods vehicle may not be able to use most of the roads in a rural area, so why highlight useless information?

Example of flood plains:

dynamicmaps 499x405

Equally, if a roadwork was to start in 2 months, but the user is making a journey tomorrow, the user is not interested in having icons blocking the user view of the road's progress. Similarly, if the user is planning to travel when the roadworks occur not only does this need to be shown but more importantly, what the user can do about it.

Download the 2 page Product Specification in pdf format.