• Share resources and reduce revenue
  • Share information with neighbouring authorities
  • Share control room and supervision functions
  • Allow contributions and buy in from neighbours
  • Increase data accuracy and data quality
  • Fully secure
  • Provides full overview
  • Available through any internet terminal
  • Allow full, limited or read only access
  • Control VMS signs and other equipment cross boundary
Technical Specification
  • Fully UTMC compliant
  • Connections with all UTMC suppliers guaranteed
  • 100% integrated & hosted solution
  • Local deployments available

Download the 2 page Product Specification in pdf format.

The built in technology behind Idox Transport's business applications allows systems to be linked together. This is irrespective of the system being a Idox Transport or another supplier, Idox Transport guarantees compatibility with any UTMC compliant common database and we have been linking up systems for years.

Idox Transport would take the feeds from the neighbouring UTMC Centres. Idox Transport believes that the fullest dataset possible with constantly revised models for the journey will provide the most accurate, reliable information ensuring that motorists are not directed down roads that are closed or congested.

Example system linkup:

neighbouring authority links small 500x489

Feeds can be 'suck and/or blow' from either end and all technical integration is taken care of by the operations team. The data sent can be filtered and access can be given to any or all sub systems, in a read only, limited or full management control.

In addition there are distinct possibilities with sharing control room responsibilities, command and control and other functions across multiple authorities, thus directly saving time, money and revenue savings.

Download the 2 page Product Specification in pdf format.