The number of activities in a traffic control room is extraordinary. Day-in and day-out, a wide range of actions, events, incidents, etc. are reported and recorded virtually making it impossible to maintain a log of every activity in the order of its occurrence. As a result, key activities that may have significant impact on the road network forgo records. In addition, limitations of conventional technologies and their inability to record diverse manual and automatic activities makes control room operations a challenging endeavour. To overcome these inefficiencies and growing concerns of relaying key information and maintaining accurate logs, Idox Transport has developed the New Control Room Log. The New Control Room Log is a fully integrated solution. It works as an additional enhancement in Argonaut. It has all the features of Idox Transport's non-erasable audit trial and is capable of automatically and manually recording activities throughout each and every shift.

Key capabilities of the New Control Room Log

  • Comprehensively integrates with Argonaut, Strategy Manager, Adaptors and Reports 
  • Logs changes made to any aspect of the system and records all commands sent 
  • Allows to report, print, query, analyse and trigger emails to preconfigured groups to notify updates on issues 
  • Evaluates the impact of previously recorded actions and events that helps to perform future analysis and take preventive measures 
  • Helps to conduct an instant audit trail of who/what/when w.r.t a particular incident, accident, road work or event 
  • Enables to filter events, sub-set of events and activity by asset, user, date range, etc. 
  • Allows to add manual activity and link that to other activity that ultimately can be printed as a chronological trail of "who did what and when" relating to a specific incident, accident, roadwork or event 
  • Provides options to annotate each action as Open, Closed or Information Only for the control room staff to know the status of current actions and issues 
  • Non-erasable audit trail of all manual activities such as sending messages to VMS, adding incidents, setting signal plans, etc. 
  • Non-erasable audit trail of all automatic activities such as strategy manager actions, incidents/road works/events added by adaptors, etc.

Available optional enhancements:

  • An additional "whiteboard" feature can be provided that allows users to add notes or action lists for the next shift together with visual alarms when such actions should be carried out. This allows an early shift for example to provide a later shift with information they need to manage ongoing situations. 
  • An additional calendar feature can be provided that allows users to add key events and actions in a calendar that is readily accessible to the whole team. 
  • An additional task list can be provided that allows a user to add tasks and allocate them to team members with deadlines. 
  • A "Wiki" feature can be provided that allows team members to create a repository of useful knowledge, best practices, user handbooks, etc. - organised in a structured searchable manner similar to

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