In this information age, it is important that road network information is available, accessible, accurate, complete, timely and shared. These information fundamentals hold paramount importance for travellers travelling from one network to another.

Travellers are least concerned about the channel of information and the authorities responsible. They only seek provisions to know which service or route to take and how long the journey will take, and feel informed if things go wrong. However, as networks are divided, there is huge diversity in the scale and capabilities of local authorities and ways in which the information is made available.

A number of authorities have procured Urban Traffic Management and Control (UTMC) systems and real-time bus information systems to publish information on street works, events, incidents, etc., via shared services such as VOYAGER; however, exchanging information between different networks remains a significant challenge for local authorities.

This is where Idox Transport's New TIH Adaptor comes into the picture. The New TIH Adaptor, based on UTMC standards, deeply integrates with diverse systems in a way that blurs the boundaries between providers to give a coordinated view of the transport network, and support information provision that the travellers believe is relevant to their journey.

Distinguished capabilities of the New TIH Adaptor

• Deeply integrates with third party systems using the published UTMC standards & protocols
• Works and interacts with a wide range of UTMC systems
• Adapts to third party protocols
• Imports highway data from different sources into the common database
• Provides traffic information about events, incidents, etc. with severity level
• Displays information in both graphical and textual forms
• Plots journey time data on the map
• Controls road network during major events by updating VMS, traffic signal plans, etc.
• Shows VMS of local authorities within the map with real time status of the display

The New TIH Adaptor is easily customisable and its implementation results in significant operational savings. It helps realising the benefits of a connected road network to the travellers and network controllers.

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