• Save capital and revenue for RTPI sign purchases
  • Available through any internet terminal
  • Allow full, limited or read only access
  • Control VMS signs and other equipment cross boundary
  • Combine journey times, RTPI and car park data
  • Fully supports RTPI signs
  • Infinitely flexible message prioritisation
  • Fully integrated in to the Strategy Manager
  • Provides full overview
Technical Specification
  • Fully UTMC compliant
  • Connections with all UTMC suppliers guaranteed
  • 100% integrated & hosted solution
  • Local deployments available

Download the 2 page Product Specification in pdf format.

Idox Transport has full support for variable message signs including current and predicted car park spaces, legends, multiple message priorities. The system fully integrates with the Strategy Manager, Journey Times Engine and Real Time Passenger Information Systems.

VMS management view:

vms rtpi 500x375

Variable message signs may be set and unset on the Argonaut frontend using predetermined or free text legends in accordance with agreed rules utilising data held in the Common Database or in accordance with operator input.

VMS locations:

vms overview 498x470

When an icon is selected for a particular sign a display box for the associated sign is displayed showing the real time status of the display. Multiple displays can be selected and positioned to allow the operator to monitor the performance of the system. In addition the system will request the information from the sign and confirm it is the same data as in the database.

In Argonaut, when selecting a VMS sign (or any other object) the bottom half of the screen is replaced with further detailed information. A mini-map is shown and scrolling further down the latest dynamic, commands, faults, configuration and other object related data is shown.

VMS legend management:

vms legend 498x470

The Argonaut system may automatically determine the appropriate legends to display on any operator station, web site or free-text VMS based on the conditions defined in this document and command the VMS to display the appropriate information. The dynamic image library described in the previous answer is linked in to Argonaut and the user is able to test messages and legends before committing them to the system and or the sign.

Download the 2 page Product Specification in pdf format.